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@TwistedCopperForest Forget those twee little dollhouses from your childhood, we're a tiny bit obsessed with the work of a truly twisted genius. Juli Steel is not your average miniaturist. A self-taught assemblage artist from Texas who goes by the alias of @TwistedCopperForest, like us, Juli has


Elena's Officially Forever Dollhouse - Project Nursery

I have always loved dollhouses and enjoyed playing in my Barbie house when I was a little girl. Now that I have a little girl of my own, I wanted to create a dollhouse that she could keep forever. I started small with the IKEA Flisat dollhouse two years ago when she was two and half years old and put it in her playroom. It was a great little starter house! The adorable Calico Critter Tuxedo Cat family moved in and hours of play were had. While the IKEA house was great, I had my sights set on a dollhouse that was front opening, had windows, and one you could close the mess away. The Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse was at the top of my list and boy is it AMAZING! I was waitlisted on Wayfair for it and it finally came up available (and on sale!) so I pulled the trigger and purchased it. This house is much bigger than the IKEA, so of course some redecorating and new furniture purchases had to happen, right? (wink, wink) The Plan Toys house comes in a natural wood with a clear coat sealant. While I like that look, I knew I would want it to match her updated playhouse with a white exterior and pink door. I got to work sanding, priming, sanding, painting, sanding, painting...I think you get the process. It was definitely more labor intensive than I originally thought, and if I had to do it all over again I would buy an at home paint sprayer and save myself some time and mess. But in the end it was so worth it! The layout and space of this dollhouse was bigger, which meant I could add a bathroom, create a bigger kids space, and reconfigure the kitchen. I got to work searching my favorite miniature stores for the Tuxedo Cat family's new furniture. Buying in miniature is so much fun, and way cheaper than redecorating your actual home. I ran to Michaels Crafts in search of "wall paper" and found the cutest scrap book paper. I applied the "wall paper" with a glue stick to the kitchen, bathroom, kids space, and living room. I still have some finishing items I would like to add like light fixtures, a bathroom rug and change out some pillows, but I am loving how it has turned out. I determined that the perfect place to put Elena's new dollhouse was in her newly updated Officially Forever Big Girl bedroom. Since my blog post about Elena's bedroom, I have received many questions about the dollhouse. I decided to create it's own special blog post and give it the attention it deserves! We have lots of fun using our imaginations and playing in the new dollhouse, it has been a great way to spend time together.


Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse + Reviews | Crate and Barrel

If you're looking for the dollhouse of your dreams, look no further. Because our Victorian Dollhouse is like no other playtime abode you've ever seen. With three floors (including an attic), front doors, and even windows that open and close, this detail-rich dollhouse requires nothing more than pure imagination.


Kathleen Holmes' Autumn & Christmas themed dollhouse

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Queen Anne Dollhouse Kit #victoriandollhouse Queen Anne Dollhouse Kit


Miniature Victorian Dollhouse Bracket N

Miniature Victorian Dollhouse Bracket N | Wood Victorian Dollhouse


The Completed Willowcrest Estate

Hello friends! Guess what? I finally finished the Willowcrest dollhouse I have been building. I have been doing a happy dance for a couple of days now. The last time I posted I promised to share the inside of the dollhouse. I am doing that today as well as sharing the newly completed landscaping. Below is a photo of the entire house interior. There are six rooms, an entryway, and a second floor landing. Unlike my last dollhouse, this one actually has stairs! I did not leave them out. Ha. I did, however, rearrange the floor plan. As I said, above is my version of the dollhouse interior. Below is a Pinterest photo of how the dollhouse was designed to look. (Note: Not my photograph) As you can see, I took several redesign liberties with the interior. Beginning with the first floor, I removed the wall dividing the original kitchen from the entryway. My thoughts were WHY put so much effort into the winding stairway and entry if it cannot be seen. I also removed the door between the kitchen and living room. The middle wall on the bottom is designed to have an angled wall beyond the door. I hated that angled wall. Not only did it make no sense, it was designed to have a fireplace on the backside, which really is not visible. So I not only removed the door, I built a completely new STRAIGHT-ish wall to divide the kitchen and living room. In my new design it made no sense to have the entryway lead into the kitchen so I switched the living and kitchen areas, and built a partial wall to add a dining room behind the kitchen. Come in and check it out. More of my living room and entryway. The open stairway. My blue and yellow kitchen and the pink dining room beyond. In the photo below the stove, oven hood, and shelf are on the newly built almost straight wall. You can also see the divider wall I added to create the dining room. The photograph below was taken from outside looking through the kitchen bay window. The dining room. All of the first floor windows feature decorative toppers on the molding. I made the decorative elements myself using clay and molds. A view of the dining room arched opening leading to the entryway. I made structural changes on the second floor as well. If you look at the photo of the house as designed (second floor image below) you will see a large visual impairment near the middle-left side of the second floor. I did not like that little wall at all. I felt like it closed the view of the house. By removing the little wall I took out the linen closet and the stairs to the third floor. I almost rebuilt the stairs, using a square design similar to the first floor, limiting them to the left front corner. Instead, I omitted the stairs. Above is my version of the master bedroom. The cranberry micro print wallpaper coordinates with the cherub mural on the ceiling. By deleting the stairs and the linen closet, my bathroom is larger than originally designed. I like it much better. I had to build a new wall to divide the bathroom from the landing. I moved the bathroom door further to the right to create more usable space on the bathroom wall. Above - a view though the bedroom window to the second floor landing. Below is the third floor of the house as originally designed. Again, I did not like it. I hated the chimney running up the middle of the room, eating up floor space, as well as the stairs opening and railings being in a awkward place. It left very little usable space in that large area. Not only did I ditch the chimney and stairs, I made three additions. I added three window seats. The third floor windows each had a small alcove, again that I thought of as wasted space. By building window seats the areas became more useful. My version of the third floor. At first I visualized this as the billiards room. And while that is still possible, it will be a decision made by the eventual owner. I did, after all, build this house to sell. My version of the room leaves a large open space that can have many uses. I am sure that as you looked at the rooms you noticed the ceilings. Each of the ceilings in the house is embellished on some way. I like the interest this adds to the interiors. I hope you liked the interior tour, including the descriptions of the changes I made to the house. Now let's move on to the landscaping. I mounted the house on a 19" x 23.5" board. I painted the board gray to match the house trim. Once the house was positioned, I added grass around the front foundation to create a small lawn. I also added a flowerbed to the front foundation. The right side of the house has ivy growing up the bay area. Each front windows has flowers, as does the balcony. I added two planters to the front porch and affixed flower arrangements in them. A small cart rests at the end of the porch. I added a few battery operated light fixtures to the house. The carriage lanterns flanking the front doors match the style of the house. The lights, like all but one on the inside, attach to the house via magnets. In the living room the sconces attach to magnets behind the wallpaper. The magnets were affixed to the walls and ceilings, making the lights removable for moving the house. Thanks for checking out my Willowcrest Estate dollhouse. If it does not sell before, I will be offering it for sale the first week of December at a Christmas craft show. I hope to have four houses and many Christmas miniatures to offer. Before you ask, yes, I do already have my next house planned. It will have a completely different look than anything I have done before. More on this later...


Late Victorian English Manor Dollhouse: 1/12 Miniature from Scratch: April 2012


Miniature Victorian Dollhouse Radiator - Shaker Works West


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1:12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Parisian roof dormer

Dollhouse 1:12 scale Parisian roof dormer, 4“W x 3-5/8" H x 2-3/8” D unfinished sanded smooth ready to paint the color of your choice, where the dormer attaches to the roof has a 30 degree angle 2-1/2" W x 3" H glass window pane included to be glued in place after painting . This product is an adult collectible miniature and not for children.


Brass Knob 16pc/pkg #victoriandollhouse Brass/Crystal Prov Knob 2 pc/pkg | Wood Victorian Dollhouse


Ashley II Gothic Victorian Mansion Dollhouse Very Large Kit 1 12 Scale for sale online | eBay

Ashley II Gothic Victorian Mansion Dollhouse Very Large Kit 1:12 scale


How I Wallpaper My Miniature Dollhouse Walls

Let me start with this thought-there are alot of ways to wallpaper and this is the way I put up wallpaper. The wallpaper I have applied has stayed over 25 years, so I know it works. The wallpaper I like best is the thicker wallpaper. My favorite...


Vintage Artply Wooden Victorian Dollhouse Kit The Allison Model 77 | eBay

Vintage Artply Wooden Victorian Dollhouse Kit The Allison Model 77 | eBay


Cream Venise Lace Points Victorian Dollhouse Curtains - 3 W x 3 1/4 L | eBay

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Dollhouse Number 11 - San Francisco Townhouse


1:12 Victorian Dollhouse Gable Apex Trim - GE-306

Victorian Dollhouse Gable Apex Trim - GE-306


Incredible Miniatures on Pinterest

I recently paid a visit to Newby Hall for the sole purpose of seeing the 60 plus dollhouses generously donated by Caroline Hamilton and Jan...


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Beautiful 9 room Victorian Dollhouse, lovingly hand-crafted


My Miniature Madness: Black, White and Gold


Miniature Victorian Dollhouse Screen Door Frame - SD-558

Miniature Victorian Dollhouse Screen Door Frame - SD-558 - Victorian Dollhouse Wood Works


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Two-storey Victorian Dollhouse, dollhouse, Wood dollhouse, Dollhouse kit, Natural dollhouse, Modern dollhouse, 1:12 scale

Two-storey Victorian Dollhouse dollhouse Wood dollhouse | Etsy


Modern Victorian style dollhouse.  Stylish monochrome exterior and all white interior - the perfect home for all your Pretty Little Minis furniture and decor.Features:-  All white modern interior-  Three stories-  Five rooms-  Two sets of stairs (these are removable if you prefer no stairs)-  Front balcony-  Bay windows-  Double fronted opening (opens in the middle)-  Roof opens separately to front-  Made from wood-  CE certified and suitable for children over 3 years of age.62 cm high.  58 cm


Buy Victorian DOLLHOUSE #2 in online store with worldwide delivery #victoriandollhouse Victorian DOLLHOUSE #2


US $23.99 |Vintage 1/12 Scale Dollhouse Miniature Furniture Handcrafted Floral Single Sofa|Furniture Toys|Toys & Hobbies - AliExpress #victoriandollhouse Buy 1/12 victorian dollhouse furniture and get free shipping on AliExpress


Dollhouses by Robin Carey: The Elizabeth Street Victorian Dollhouse


Ornate Victorian Dollhouse Half Wall I