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very cute packaging, wax seal, soap, kraft paper, twine Más


Soap Bar + Loofah Gift Box

This bath gift box would make the perfect holiday gift for friends and family! Includes a soap bar with natural ingredients and a handwoven loofah made by Syrian artisans.


AURORA - Soap packaging designed for teenage girls with handmade watercolor patterns - student work - Sherry Ma #shillony #shillington


How to Package Round Soap Using Coffee Filters

Coffee filters make packaging round soap super simple and the outcome is very aesthetically pleasing. You can find natural Kraft-colored coffee filters or white coffee filters. These are some soaps that Benjamin and I made


Gift Set Natural Handmade Soap & Handcrafted Olive-Wood Soap Dish , Soap Deck

Conjunto de regalo especial; Jabón de semillas de eucalipto y amapola de aceite de oliva hecho a mano con jabón de madera de oliva artesanal. Eucalyptus & Poppy semillas jabón tiene muchos beneficios ; * Antibacteriano * Efecto Peeling * Extracción de puntos negros * Limpieza profunda * Desodorante Puede elegir diferentes jabones * para el conjunto de regalo como ; * Jabón de lavanda * Jabón de leche de cabra * Jabón de semillas de uva * Jabón de tomillo * Jabón de manzanilla * Jabón de romero * Jabón de canela * Jabón de Avena y Miel * Jabón de ortiga * Jabón Rosa * Jabón de equilibrio de tono de piel Todos nuestros jabones están hechos a mano y contienen ingredientes naturales. No utilizamos conservantes ni esencia en nuestros productos.


Featured Shop: Roots Soap Co.

Roots Soap Co. is a living thing that I love and nurture, fertilize, prune, and reap the fruits of. – Anna Cools


Packaging Design for MGCO Soap

Here's the packaging I designed for the new natural soaps we've released for my company Misc. Goods Co. With the same fragrances as our our solid colognes and natural deodorants, we are excited to ...


Men's & Women's Clothes, Shirts, Jackets, Sweaters, Gifts & More | Effortlessly Cool

Honey Weissbier Soap - love the packaging


Deep Detox Bath Soak | naturallychicgifts

Deep Detox Bath Soak - beautiful product packaging design


SALT SOAP bar Made In The OZARKS | Salt Life, Sea Salt Soap Bar, Detoxifying Soap, Detox Soap, Rustic Gift, Man Gift


Tapeless Wrapping

Dear Maja and Vicki, this one’s for you!


Aromatics - Citron

Aromatic Collection - Citron MUCK minimal packaging


Rich Natural Handcrafted Soap

Rich Natural Handcrafted Soap | With very little ornaments, this packaging for a duo of handcrafted soap bars focuses on its utility and brings out the purity of the product. #soap #soappackaging #packaging #skincarepackaging #soapbar #packagingdesign #soapdesign


Happy Hour

You want what you can't have // For me, that's soap. and I have so many soaps. so. many. It's an allergy thing (like so many things in my life) but I just cant help it; a good smelling soap just gets to me. And when the packaging is as good as the smell... oh boy. Find below some lovely soaps in some even lovelier packages. 1) This rainy day soap Vice and Velvet 2) Soapsicles that will make you melt on the spot P.S. wouldn't these be the cutest wedding favours? & Other Stories 3) The classic wrap done just right (those colour tones though) Anthropologie 4) Brown paper packages tied up with string... I have no shame when it comes to The Sound of Music. Plus, the idea of hanging soap out to dry just sounds like a good one. Bloomize 5) This may just be a concept, but we like it. Menzo Men's Soap 6) Loving this brand just as much as their packaging Soap + Cinder 7) From the gem shapes to the stitched packages, this French brand knows exactly what the are doing. Marie Sixtine 8) My love for minimal knows no bounds with this Korean Bath House inspired soap. Binu Binu


55 Awe-Inspiring Soap Packaging Designs


exfoliating soap bars

Exfoliating Soap Bars: Making soap for the first time looks difficult... Melt and pour soap-making requires simple skills that is a great option for beginners, all you have to do is melt the pre-made base and customize it. Here I will share 5 recipes of Exfoliating Soap...


Vista exterior del roof top de Miranda Kerr - Álbumes -

very cute packaging, wax seal, soap, kraft paper, twine Más


Safflower & Ginger Soap Tutorial - Soap Queen

The Safflower and Ginger Soap features a warm color palette and slightly spicy scent.


Gift guide, stocking stuffers ideas: The Greater Goods Soap, Handmade in San Francisco by way of Brooklyn. Available on Young & Able



Colorful bar soap packaging.



Colorful bar soap packaging.


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Soap sampler set vegan soap unscented soap natural by RightSoap


Essential Chakra Kit Crystal Bar Soap

THE CHAKRA IS A DOORWAY, THESE ARE THE DOORWAYS THAT LEAD YOU INTO OTHER DIMENSIONS. These 7 vegan and handmade Crystal Soaps have been combined to create our Essential Chakra Kit. Each soap is unique and inspired by one of the 7 chakras. Root- Cinnamon, Red Jasper Sacral- Grapefruit, Carnelian Solar Plexus- Lemongrass, Citrine Heart- Green Apple, Moss Agate Throat- Eucalyptus, Sodalite Third Eye- Lavender, Amethyst Crown- Coconut, Clear Quartz crystal bar soap, crystal healing, chakras


How to Package Homemade Soap

Looking for ideas on how to package homemade soap? You're in the right place! Handmade soap makes a great gift, and is an easy craft to make and sell!


moia on Instagram: “Our soap packaging, we love them clean and simple � . . . #cpsoap #handcraftedsoap #handmadesop #artisansoap #brambleon #soapshare…”

Our soap packaging, we love them clean and simple � . . . #cpsoap #handcraftedsoap #handmadesop #artisansoap #brambleon #soapshare #packaging #soappackaging #simple #colours #ombre #moiasoap


Custom Stamp - Minimalist Logo Stamp - Bee Logo — Modern Maker Stamps

This custom logo stamp is designed and ready for your small business info. How to Order: Choose your size - Click “Add to Cart”- Add your details - Done! A proof will be emailed in 1-2 business days - You’ll get tracking when it ships in 3-8 business days - Custom Logo Stamp - Premade Logo - Soap Packaging - Hand Drawn Logo - Logo Design Ideas - Easy + Affordable Custom Packaging - Logo Design


“ jabones artesanales y naturales....el respeto a la MadreNaturaleza

Descubre “ jabones artesanales y naturales....el respeto a la MadreNaturaleza ”, un proyecto de sanie73. La comunidad de la Clase Creativa.


Cadeau de savon boue mer morte pour femme vegan gommage savon cadeau pour elle exfoliant corps savon savon exfoliant gommage exfoliant pour le corps fait maison

Savon boue mer morte, cadeau pour femme, cadeau vegan, gommage au savon, cadeau pour elle, exfoliant au savon, savon pour laver le corps, exfoliant, gommage maison, gommage du corps, savon, savon de boue, végétalien Poids: 4.5 oz . Dimensions: 3.5"x2.5"x1" Ingrédients : huile de coco, huile de palme, huile de palmiste, huile d’olive, huile de pépins de raisin, huile de macadamia, huile de graines de melon d’eau, huile d’amande douce, eau, soude caustique, laminaires, boue de la mer morte. J'ai créé ce savon fait à la main, surtout pour les femmes charmantes. J'espère qu'il remplira leur vie d'une nouvelle beauté et transformera le bain ordinaire en vacances. Faisons-les dorloter ! Donc quelques mots sur mon nouveau savon délicieux de varech et de boue de la mer morte. Ce savon se compose d'additifs utiles, tels que les algues et la boue de la mer Morte. Algues sont riches en vitamines et minéraux. La boue naturelle de la mer morte va se détendre, purifier, libérer les pores, aider à lutter contre les dépôts de la cellulite. Une mousse douce agréable vous aidera à vous détendre avant d’aller dormir. Pour sélectionner différents types de savon, cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous : REMARQUE : Avant utilisation, entreposez nos produits dans un endroit sec et frais, loin des sources de chaleur pendant l'utilisation pour garder le savon dans le plat de savon ouvert. NOTE : Nous essayons de faire nos photos mieux pour représenter les couleurs comme ils apparaissent en fait sur le savon, mais ils peuvent différer dans leur présentation de couleur. S’il vous plaît permettre la différence de couleur d’un échantillon de savon sur les photos. Si elle ' s pas ce que vous attendiez, s’il vous plaît nous contacter dès que possible. Nous trouverons une solution à ce problème.


Best of the Best Soap Designs ~ Kabuki Rune ~ Trust me they are Lush


Organic Soap Packaging Template