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Using the highly alkaline store-bought face washes throws your skin’s slightly acidic pH out of balance! To maintain a healthy skin pH, try this DIY pH balance face wash recipe! If your skin’s pH is disrupted, then you can say hello to itchy, sensitive, dry or oil skin and even breakouts. The pH range is …


6 Essential Oils That Help In Skin Tightening

6 Essential Oils That Work Best In Skin Tightening: ur skin constantly keeps undergoing changes with time, and once we reach a certain age bracket in our lives, these changes become visible to us. But we should be aware that these changes cannot be reversed back. And therefore, we should refrain from medical treatments that promise us younger-looking skin. #Skin #SkinCare #SkinCareTips #SkinTightening


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How To Get Glowing Skin: 22 Natural Remedies & Tips

Everyone of us erge for a natural glowing skin. several factors and lifestyle changes may effect our skin. Checkout these home remedies for glowing skin.


6 OZ All Natural Intensive Oil Skin Treatment for Dogs plus 1 bar of Natural Sudz 4 Dogs

This listing is for one 6 ounce bottle of Natural Sudz Intensive Oil Skin Treatment for Dogs, plus one bar of my Natural Sudz for Dogs (see my separate listing for information on Natural Sudz). This is my own special formula that no one else sells (other than my Vet). The Oil Treatment ingredients include: Olive Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Primrose, Avocado & Wheat Germ Oils, plus skin nurturing Essential Oils. Other treatments recommended by groomers or Vets for extremely dry skin, such as mineral oil or baby oil leave an oily, greasy mess on the dog that takes 4-5 washes to remove, which leaves the treatment pretty much useless since you are removing all the oil. Also, other oils don't penetrate the skin, they stay on the surface and clog the pores, which are probably already compromised by various skin conditions with the dog. With my treatment, and the assorted oils, the molecules are so tiny, they are able to penetrate (transdermal) and treat below the skin's surface, not leave an oily residue on the top of the skin. Also, with the Essential Oils in my formula, it promotes extra soothing and healing. I developed this oil treatment when one of my Old English Sheepdogs who was diagnosed with Sebacious Addenitis and needed twice weekly oil treatments and baths to keep his skin moisturized and to help overcome a serious staph infection he had developed. Sebacious Addenitis is inflammation of the oil glands. It is an auto immune, hereditary condition which causes the immune system to destroy the oil glands, and prevents oil production to the skin, leaving very dry skin and hair loss. It can be severe and leaves a dog scratching and biting itself to relieve the itching, and can lead to infection from broken skin. This can also be used on any dog that has allergies or other dry skin issues to moisturize their skin. When I was applying the oil treatment twice a week on my dog, he had lost almost all of his coat due to his staph infection, I was able to oil his entire body with about 3 ounces of oil and he weighs about 80 pounds, so a little goes a long way. You can also use this oil as a spot treatment, putting it on areas only where you need it, and leave it on, not washing it off. I convinced my dog's dermatologist this was better than what he was recommending, and he agreed after trying it!! He now sells it at his clinic, Animal Dermatology Clinic in Pasadena, CA. ***The Oil Treatment, once applied, is best used along with Natural Sudz for Dogs.*** PS This isn't only for dogs, I have had people with Eczema and Psoriasis tell me it gives them relief from their condition as well. They also love the Natural Sudz for Dogs for themselves! How to use this product: Wet dog, towel dry, apply oil treatment and leave on for about 30 min. Wash with Natural Sudz for Dogs, may need a second wash to remove excess oil. Please contact me with any questions, or more detail about how to use this product.


12 Beauty Benefits of Nutmeg for Skin & Hair - beautymunsta - free natural beauty hacks and more!

Are you interested in the beauty benefits of nutmeg for your skin and hair?! Check them out below! Nutmeg is an exotic spice we add to our coffee and hot chocolate. But did you know how amazing it is for beauty purposes! Nutmeg powder can be used internally and externally for your skin and hair to …


How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Blackheads?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a home remedy that effectively removes blackheads and gives you great-looking skin. Here's how.


How to use vitamin e capsules for skin whitening

These are the 21 Best DIY Face masks with Vitamin e capsules for skin whitening, dark circles, acne and other skin problems. Try them for a beautiful skin.


The Best Bread, NEVER Buy This Soap, Heart Surgeon Speaks Out, How to Reverse Thyroid Disease, and More in Today's Monday Mix-Up 10/13/2014 (Continued) - Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Monday Mix-Up Continued… (Click here to go back to page 1.) Are you like “poor Skinderella”? Click here for help from homeopathic expert, Joette Calabrese: 15 common skin conditions and 15 homeopathic protocols to uproot them. Have you noticed all the bins of GMO high fructose corn syrup-loaded Halloween candy in the stores right now? …


The Real Benefits of Lemon for Skin That You Haven't Heard Before

The real benefits of lemon for skin you probably haven't heard before. How to use lemon oil, lemon juice, and lemon peel the right way!


#acne scar removal #back Acne Scar Removal #best Acne Scar Removal #instant Acne Scar Removal #pitted Acne Scar Removal #Acne #Herbalism #Home #love #Remedies #Rid Acne is one of the most prevalent skin conditions in the world today. gone a person misery from prickly acne finally gets it below control, later than no outbreaks, it can nevertheless be difficult to unity once because of the scarring that unfriendly acne leaves behind. Acne scars are totally hard to treat and, until re...


Check out these awesome at home spa treatments for the winter weather.


10+ Daunting Anti Aging For Men Ideas - #Aging #Anti #Daunting #Ideas #men,10+ Daunting Anti ...

10+ Daunting Anti Aging For Men Ideas - #Aging #Anti #Daunting #Ideas #men, #Aging #Anti #Daunting #Ideas #men #SkinCare


21 DIY Vitamin E Capsules Face Masks for Skin Whitening, Dark circles and Acne

These are the 21 Best DIY Face masks with Vitamin e capsules for skin whitening, dark circles, acne and other skin problems. Try them for a beautiful skin.



4 Products For Very Dry, Itchy or Eczema Prone Skin

Suffer from eczema or super dry skin? I'm sharing 4 products that are super gentle, yet hydrating to soothe your dry skin woes for good and treat eczema.


10 Natural Oily Skin Treatments From The Pantry. The comment at the bottom of the article makes the most sense to me and is something I'd actually try!


Apple Cider Vinegar Toner For Acne

Apple cider vinegar toner is great for acne because it returns the acidity to our skin and restores the acid mantle. See how to make it here!


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I love massages so much, I've laid my naked body down on some admittedly questionable tables. Body treatments, on the other hand, are relatively new territory for me. The few I've had involved a...


The OxyGeneo Oxygen Facial is Like Three Skin Treatments in One

I tried this next-gen oxygen facial... should you?


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How To Remove Dark Spots On Face Fast: 6 Home Remedies

Dark spots or hyperpigmentation occurs when your skin overproduces melanin. Here we have putforth few causes, types and remedies to get rid of dark spots.


Makeup Wars: The Best Face Masks - 15 Minute Beauty Fanatic

Do you love face masks like I do? Here are some great ones to try, with drugstore swap outs! These are great lower priced finds.


Skip expensive scrubs and lotions for these homemade creations.


7 Super-Effective Ways to Treat Your Hormonal Acne - Of Sun and Earth

Find out how to get rid of hormonal acne without risky pills, using natural, skin care home remedies. For overnight results, definitely try…



How To Get Clear And Spotless Skin – 14 Natural Remedies And Tips

Clear skin means spotless and flawless skin. You need not have to spend time for everyday makeup. Read on to know how to get clear and spotless skin today.