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6 Things to Know Before Visiting Egypt I visited Egypt with my mother-in-law and my two boys in November 2017. We spent 4 days in Luxor, three in Cairo including the Giza Pyramids and then headed to a resort in Sharm el Sheikh for 4 days. While we have only scratched the surface of …


Petra Temple, Jordan

Travel Jordan and Visit historic heritage sites. Petra Temple in Jordan is a must visit destination in Middle East. Tips to travel Jordan, Juresalem Israel and follow route of Indiana Jones adventure. Visit beautiful cities and collect ideas on places to visit, architecture and packing lists, and nature parks before going to Jordan, Petra Temple.


An Introduction To The Ancient City Of Jerusalem

Jerusalem has always been a place that fascinated me. I went to a Catholic school and read all the bible stories so the idea that you could actually visit places names in the bible was


What It's Really Like To Travel The Middle East - Anita Hendrieka

When I told people, that I would be travelling to the Middle East, they would let out a loud gasp before trying to convince me to not travel the Middle East


Armenia: Lavash

Lavash is an unleavened flatbread common to Armenia and most of the Middle East, Transcaucasia, and Western Asia regions. #MiddleEast #MiddleEastern #Armenia #ArmenianCuisine #ArmenianRecipe #WorldCuisine #196flavors


The Best Places to Visit in Oman on a Road Trip

My time in the middle east did not end with Dubai and Egypt. After Egypt, I boarded a flight to Muscat to meet some friends. There we began a week-long Oman road trip exploring the…



Zaatar Manakeesh – A popular bread from Middle East.Manakeesh/ Manoosheh is a popular Middle Eastern bread which is originally from Labanon.It is a version of


7 stunning natural wonders in the Middle East

Explore colorful salt domes, an ever-growing grotto, and incredible deserts across the varied region.


Above is a Political map of the Middle East. At least 12 Arab states have signed nuclear cooperation agreement since Iran’s nuclear program has become public. Some believe that if Iran obtains a nuclear weapon, then they will soon follow.


Where To Visit In The Old City Of Jerusalem

Leaving those amazing views of Jerusalem at The Tower of David, we started off our visit to the old city of Jerusalem in the Armenian Quarter. Our visit to the Armenian quarter was fairly fleeting and


The Best Middle East Documentaries about Life, War, and Religion - The Documentary Reviewers

These are definitely the best documentaries about the Middle East - all that will change your perspective on this area of our world.


We Did An In-Depth Analysis Of 21 Disney Female Leads

And these are the magical things we discovered.


Lebanese Spiced Potatoes (Batata Harra) Recipe - Food.com

Similar to the flavourful potatoes you can purchase in Lebanese restaurants throughout Ottawa, Canada. This goes really well with recipe#44858 marinated chicken breast, Recipe #409286, and a garlic sauce like, recipe#108234 without the cilantro and a little Balkan yogurt to lighten it up, along with, recipe#254171, for a meal like the restaurants only way better! Recipe modified from a recipe found on http://homemade-recipes.blogspot.com


Oman Road Trip: Jabal Akhdar to Wahiba Sands Desert

An Oman road trip from the mountains of Jabal Akhdar to the desert of Wahiba Sands, visiting one of Oman's best wadis on the way!


Zayed Mosque Abu Dhabi Travel Photography / Dubai Travel Tips Dubai Travel Destinations Photography Honeymoon Backpack Backpacking Vacation Middle East Budget Bucket List Wanderlust | vacation | budget travel | off the beaten path | bucket list #Dubai #MiddleEast #exploreDubai #visitDubai #Travel


Chicken Shawarma (Middle Eastern)

Recipe video above. This Middle Eastern chicken is incredibly aromatic. The marinade is very quick to prepare and the chicken can be frozen in the marinade, then defrosted prior to cooking. It is best cooked on the outdoor grill / BBQ, but I usually make it on the stove. Serve with a simple salad and flatbread laid out on a large platter and let your guests make their own wraps.


Middle East: Sectarian Divisions and Oil Riches

This infographic shows how oil and religion intersect in the Middle East.


The Wadi Shab, Oman Hike - Everything You Need To Know

The Wadi Shab, Oman Hike - Everything You Need To Know | Away Lands


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Middle Eastern Shredded Lamb with Chickpea Pilaf (Rice)

I can't say with certainty that this is authentic because it's a recipe I created. But it uses classic Middle Eastern ingredients, so possibly it is! The lamb is really juicy because it's made with lamb shoulder, a cut that is made for slow cooking. The pan frying step to get the crunchy brown bits is not optional - it's key! ! ! As with any shredded meat recipe, a little goes a long way. This makes around 8 cups of shredded lamb which I think is enough to serve 8 people as a main (with rice). See separate recipe below for Chickpea Pilaf (Rice).


Iraqi Sumac Salad (Summaq salad)

Iraqi sumac salad, called summaq salad, is your typical Arabic salad with the addition of the berry called sumac. This berry, native to the Middle East, is a dark red berry that is dried and


Books about the Middle East for Grade Schoolers

Inside you’ll find: incredible books about the middle east for kids to expand their perspective. Motherhood sometimes feels extremely claustrophobic. Kids are clingy, we rarely leave the house, and I have no idea what’s going on in world affairs. While for a time, mother’s are their children’s entire world, we have the incredible honor of [...]


Kandovan Ancient Rocky Village East Azerbaijan Iran Middle East


Black Architectural History

Black Architectural History


Middle East and East Africa by Folio art #map #middleeast #africa #eastafrica


Our Middle East Itinerary: 10 Days in Lebanon, Jordan, Oman and Qatar

In this post, I would like to tell you about our Middle East itinerary and our 10-day trip to Lebanon, Jordan, Oman and Qatar.


The most Instagrammable Places in Dubai and Abu Dhabi -

Dubai most instagramable places Dubai | Travel Destinations | Photography| Family Vacation | Middle East | Budget | Bucket List | Wanderlust | Off the Beaten Path | Things to do | Culture #Dubai #MiddleEast #exploreDubai #visitDubai #Travel


Zalabya (3 ways) | Cleobuttera

These sweet fritters of the Middle East are super crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. Traditionally soaked in simple syrup, but equally loved drowned in Nutella or dusted with cinnamon sugar!


The Ethnic Groups of the Middle East


The amount of beauty and art that resides in the Middle East is extraordinary. From natural beauties to Islamic Art, the Middle East is the kind of place that fascinates you with every little detail. Wherever you go in the Middle East, you will come across beautiful details in the most random of objects. Doors …