Salsa Turkey Burger - restoredreality

The Salsa Turkey Burger uses simple ingredients with big flavor to bring you the juiciest turkey burger yet! Healthy, delicious, and flavorful.


Easy Greek Turkey Burgers

These Greek burgers are loaded with classic Mediterranean flavors of parsley, garlic and feta and topped with a delicious, creamy, homemade yogurt sauce.


Lettuce Wrapped Teriyaki Turkey Burgers

A lettuce wrapped teriyaki turkey burger with grilled pineapple. SOOO good!


Jerk Turkey Burgers with Mango Slaw

Jerk Turkey Burgers with Mango Slaw recipe from Food Network Kitchen via Food Network This slaw with pulled pork


Turkey Burger with Dressing & Cranberry Sauce {aka: Thanksgiving Burger}

Thanksgiving Burger {aka: Turkey Burger with Dressing & Cranberry Sauce} ~ Enjoy all your favorite holiday flavors in one very tasty burger! #burgers #turkeyburgers #Thanksgiving #Thanksgivingleftovers #thekitchenismyplayground


Easy Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers (Gluten Free), Ready in 20 Minutes

These easy ground turkey sweet potato burgers offer a delicious, flavorful twist on your original turkey burger. Sweet potato patties are chock full of antioxidants and can be made as a paleo turkey burger and gluten free turkey burger without the bun. 


Feta & Cilantro Keto Turkey Burgers with Jalapeno Aioli

These feta & cilantro keto turkey burgers are full of flavor and easy to make. Top with an easy jalapeno aioli for a delicious low carb dinner.


Greek Turkey Burgers || For #recipes, #health, and #fitness challenges go to my website or message me:


Healthified Cowboy Turkey Burgers & Ranch Slaw — The Skinny Fork

​These aren't your average turkey burgers. They have a spicy kick that could cause a grown cowboy to kick his spurs up and do a jig! We're talkin' 1/4 lb. patties that are comprised of extra lean ground turkey that is full of 'yee-haw'ing good things such as onion, cilantro, bacon, hot sauce, jalap


Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers - The Lemon Press

These LEAN juicy turkey burgers are loaded with oats, spinach, egg whites, and feta cheese.


Easy Greek Turkey Burgers

These Greek burgers are loaded with classic Mediterranean flavors of parsley, garlic and feta and topped with a delicious, creamy, homemade yogurt sauce.


Turkey Burgers Recipe

How to make perfect Turkey Burgers #recipe #dinner #burgers These Turkey Burgers are loaded with flavor and perfect for summer grilling! Easy to prep ahead and freeze to enjoy all summer long. Summer is on its way and we are all about the grilling these days! These Turkey Burgers are some of our favorite to whip up for a healthier twist on burgers.


Seriously Good Turkey Burgers

These easy healthy turkey burgers have become one of our favorite things to make. Since it’s just the two us, we make a whole batch and save two burgers for later in the week. Lean ground turkey can be a bit bland. To combat this, we call on mushrooms! By stirring cooked chopped mushrooms into the burger mixture, we add lots of umami and flavor. The magic of the mushrooms doesn’t stop there. They also help keep the turkey burgers juicy and moist. If you are not a mushroom fan, don’t worry you don’t really taste them. Instead they make the burger taste more meaty.


Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Spinach & Three Cheeses

Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Spinach & Three Cheeses - Low Carb, Grain Free, THM S - Stuffing turkey burgers with spinach and cheese definitely takes them to the next level. via @joyfilledeats


Teriyaki Burgers with Grilled Pineapple

Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers with Grilled Pineapple and Onion. Juicy teriyaki burger patties made with ground chicken or turkey, glazed with an easy homemade teriyaki burger sauce. Simple, healthy, and delicious! Recipe at | @wellplated


Seasoned Turkey Burgers Recipe

"These burgers are great on the 'que' or indoors. Dress them up as you like, even on a whole wheat bun. Baked garlic home fries go great with it! Serve with the 'works': lettuce, tomato, avocado, sprouts, onion, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, etc."


Easy Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers| Quick Spinach and Feta Turkey Burgers Recipe | Spinach Feta Turkey Burgers | Turkey Burgers

These burgers are jam-packed with flavor & ready when you are!


These jalapeno cheddar turkey burgers are incredible. They are not spicy, but are FULL of flavor. You will probably never want to go "out" for a burger again!


Spicy Turkey and Zucchini Burger Recipe |

Turkey burger patties with grated zucchini, herbs, cumin, and cayenne, served with lemony sour cream sauce.


Taco Turkey Burger with Mango Guacamole - Little Bits of...

You guys. I got the black plague this weekend. Okay maybe not the black plague but I definitely had a terrible sore throat and congestion which can really feel like the same thing. But I should stop talking about this as I am supposed to make you hungry, not…. not hungry. Well as I was sitting …


Greek Turkey Burgers - Budget Bytes

Spinach, lemon, feta, garlic, and dill pack a lot of flavor into these healthy and delicious Greek Turkey Burgers. 


Garlic Zucchini Turkey Burgers with Creamy Dijon Sauce

Simple, easy, and healthy these Garlic Zucchini Turkey Burgers are a perfect way to use your bumper crop of zucchini this summer. Stretches your ground meat, too! Trim Healthy Mamas, you can make them to suit any fuel style.


Classic Paleo Turkey Burgers (Healthy & Low Carb)

Cookouts just wouldn’t be the same without a good burger. But burgers shouldn’t be reserved only for summer picnics; they also make an easy go-to dinner during the week. Discover a healthier, leaner burger recipe with these filling and tasty turkey burgers.


BEST JALAPENO PEPPER JACK TURKEY BURGERS  Oh my god!!!! These burgers look amazing!!  Love that they’re kinda spicy too.


The Juiciest Turkey Burgers

These are the juiciest turkey burgers and the most flavorful too! So easy and perfect for summer!


Easy Recipe on How to Cook Juicy Turkey Burgers in the Oven |

This recipe for easy to make turkey burgers in the oven, can be made any night of the week. These burgers are healthy and family friendly!


Celery and blue cheese dressing help tame the hot sauce on this turkey burger recipe. For an even lighter version, pass on the buns and serve with lettuce leaves, sliced onion and chopped tomato. —Mary Pax-Shipley, Bend, Oregon


Asian Turkey Burgers Recipe

"This recipe has wonderful flavor and the water chestnuts give it great texture. My husband loves meat but he'd prefer this over regular hamburgers anyway! Make batches ahead of time and freeze the patties using waxed paper to separate."


BBQ Turkey Burgers |

These quick and easy turkey burgers are juicy and delicious; a perfect weeknight dinner!


Turkey Burgers

"I always like to offer a turkey burger at my outdoor barbecue for friends who no longer eat red meat," says Bobby. "Luckily poultry is a perfect canvas for many big flavors, and this combination of tart goat cheese, sweet Meyer lemon-honey and peppery arugula makes for one outstanding burger."