Kreative Partygetränke - Drinks für Silvester

Kreative Partygetränke - Drinks für Silvester / zum Jahreswechsel spritzige #Silvester-Cocktails / Cocktail-Rezepte


Herrlich knusprig : Einfaches Hausbrot wie vom Bäcker | Food-Blog Schweiz |

Knuspriges Brot, fast so wie vom Bäcker


DIY Gartenhochzeit

Wie viel Eifer und Liebe viele Paare im Vorfeld bereits in die Hochzeit stecken, sehen wir einmal mehr bei Tina und Micha, die ein Jahr […]


How I Calculated the Amount of Food Needed to Feed 200 People at a DIY Wedding Reception

Yesterday I explained how I catered a friend’s wedding earlier this spring, and I offered up the five questions I think you should ask yourself before tackling a project like this. I should have added one more criteria: Are you good at math? Because catering takes a lot of it. Here’s the first piece of math required — estimating and calculating how many bites per person you are going to need.



Rustikale DIY Hochzeit mit Wald und Hirschmotiv | Hochzeitsblog The Little Wedding Corner

Rustikale Landhochzeit


DIY Geschenkidee: Geldgeschenk für Hochzeit und Geburtstag

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Rustic Baby Shower

I'm not a rustic kind of girl but I'm loving this Rustic Baby Shower submission from Life by Lindsay . Lindsay submitted so many great photo's of the party that I'll be featuring it today and Friday. The table decorations were kept simple and clean with glass jars, babies breath and wooden chargers. I love the simplicity of this table decor. Mason jars were used for glasses and the straws, that look like tree branches added to the rustic charm and tied in with the table decor. A waffle bar with a variety of toppings is always a good idea. Who doesn't love waffles. Craft paper kept the rustic theme flowing. Paper onsies for the guests to write on were strung on a line in the window and pinned up with clothes pin. Be sure to come back Friday to catch the rest of the Rustic Baby Shower party submission. Want to submit a party you threw or attended, email me at


DIY-Katzengarten für Wohnungskatzen - Mary Loves

[Anzeige] So macht ihr Wohnungskatzen eine Freude: Mit einem DIY-Katzengarten wird euch jede Katze aus der Hand fressen. Die Anleitung bekommt ihr hier!


Puppies Stuff Accessories ` Puppies Stuff


DIY: Wimpelgirlande aus Stoff

Mit dieser Vorlage könnt ihr eure Wimpelgirlande aus Stoff ganz einfach selbst herstellen.


65 DIY Wedding Food Bar Ideas

They’re the trendiest of trends in wedding food, the tastiest DIY project around, the most appetizing way to please your guests…what am I talking about? Wedding food bars! Delicious ideas have probably taken over your Pinterest feed, and it’s no wonder! They’re creative, adored by guests, and an easy way to personalize your reception meal. I’m sure you’ve seen lots of s’mores, popcorn, and candy bars out there. As yummy as those maybe, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. You can DIY a food station with just about any of your favorite things. To prove it, here are 65 wedding food bar ideas you’ve probably never considered—but should. *This post contains affiliate links through Etsy. While we can receive a commission through these links, opinions are entirely your own. 65 DIY Wedding Food Bar Idea Drinks Okay, not exactly “food,” but these drink stations will definitely be a highlight of your reception. 1. Coffee: Provide them with sweeteners, cream, mocha powder, cinnamon…yum! Plus, the more caffeine you get into their system, the longer they’ll stay and party. Shop: WeddingSundaeStudio 2. Champagne Infusion: Champagne is great by itself, but mix in fresh fruit or even popsicles and you can say “cheers” to one incredible cocktail. 3. Bloody Mary: Celery, beef jerky, pickles, horseradish, olives, jalapenos, hot sauce, buffalo wings, sliders, cilantro, bacon, peppers…can I keep going? 4. Beer Flight: Breweries have taken over the Twin Cities—what about your hometown? Check with local craft brewers to see if they cater to weddings. Or buy kegs from a few of your favorites and serve flights to your guests. 5. Martini: Liquor, vermouth, olives, lemon twists. Served straight up or on the rocks. “Shaken, not stirred.” 6. Margarita: Let them choose their flavor, salt or no salt, and garnish. Add tequila shot supplies for real good time. 7. Lemonade: So sweet! Ideal for an outdoor, summer big day. The kids will love it too! 8. Mimosa: Serving brunch? Champagne with OJ is a must-have. Or set this up in the morning for hair and makeup refreshments. Shop: GlamCelebration 9. Hot Chocolate: Warm up your friends and family with white, milk, and dark chocolate varieties. Garnish with peppermint sticks and marshmallows. Oh-so cozy… Appetizers & Finger Food 10. Salad: This doesn’t have to be boring! Fill dishes with incredible toppings like a variety of cheeses, seeds, veggies, fruits, dressings, proteins, and bacon—a really, really big bowl of bacon. 11. Mashed Potato: Serve the mashed spuds in martini glasses to class things up a bit. Then supply diners with toppings like bacon (yes, a very large bowl), peas, cheese, scallions, gravy, dressing, or whatever you love on this classic side. 12. Baked Potato: Same toppings, different potatoes 13. Poutine: French fries topped with cheese curds and drowning in gravy? Count me in. 14. Spud: Offer every type of potato with all of the fixings mentioned above. 15. Chili: Homemade chili (red and white, perhaps?) with sour cream, cheese, hot peppers, scallions, lettuce, tortilla chips, and cornbread. 16. Bruschetta: I love this Italian station. Toast up a ton of crostini, and provide plenty of toppings. Since there are so many options, I found a list of recipes to try >> 17. Fondue: Oil, cheese, chocolate…three hot, wonderful things. Dip some meat, carbs, and fruit in them and you’ve got a successful wedding food bar. 18. Biscuit: Are you a southern belle? Do you dream of being one? Then build a biscuit bar! Serve with honey and jams. 19. Cheese & Cracker: Easy and delicious. 20. Charcuterie: Lots of meat. Cheese optional. I recommend both—but, I love cheese. 21. Olive Oil: Freshly baked bread and a variety of delicious olive oils for dipping. Serve these at a station or on each table for easy access. 22. Fruit: Lots of fruit, obviously. Then provide dips, cool whip, or yogurt for a sweet pairing. 23. Oyster: Expensive, but delectable. Some love the taste of raw oysters, and some need lemon, Siracha, horseradish, or Mignonette sauce to make it work. 24. Soup: Cook up a variety of soups and toppings. You could even try soup shooters! 25. Pickle: Cool idea, right? And super easy. Just find a ton of different, delicious pickles and DIY some labels. 26. Trail Mix: Just purchase all of the fixings you like and let your guests mix! This can be an event app or your favor, depending on the dish you use. 27. Wings: I thought it would be cool to supply diners with plain wings, then bowls of unique sauces they can mix and match. Be prepared! This bar will be messy. 28. Popcorn: Popular for a reason! Seasonings, sweet mix-ins, and lots of butter. Serve at the reception or let your guests take some home in a simple paper bag. Spanish Appetizers 29. Chips & Salsa: Sort them from mild to spicy and watch everyone dig in. 30. Nacho: All the veggies. All the meat. All the cheese. All the greatness. 31. Taco: All the veggies. All the meat. All the ch—you get it. Save some cash and make them walking tacos! Small bags of Doritos, ground hamburger with taco seasoning, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream. 32. Burrito: A bit trickier than the other Mexican options, but definitely doable. You just need an expert burrito roller on-hand. Shop: TidyLadyPrintables Dinner 33. Sushi & Saki: This one requires a sushi chef unless you know how to whip up a good roll. 34. Grilled Cheese: Slice up a variety of unique cheeses and have a frying station. Or hand out mini grilled cheeses with tomato soup shots. 35. Pizza: Create a build your own bar with sauces, veggies, meat, and more, then grill or bake. You could do classic crust or even flatbreads! Shop: VividBlissPrintables 36. Burger: I suggest a designated griller who whips up patties in bulk. Guests can grab a patty cooked to their liking and dress it up with any fixings you provide. 37. Pasta: Put out a variety of noodles, pitchers of tasty sauces, veggies, meats, and shredded cheese. Let your guests combine their favorites and create a personalized pasta dinner. 38. Sandwich: Class it up with unique, fresh bread, meats, cheeses, and more. 39. Slider: Like a burger bar, but smaller. Give them more meat options, like meatballs or chicken! 40. Hot Dog: Like a burger bar, but no burgers. Chili, anyone? Breakfast 41. Cereal: Large glass jars filled with your favorite, sugary cereals and pitchers of milk. So adorable. 42. Waffle: Leslie Knope would be proud…serve up stacks of hot waffles with whipped cream, fruit, and syrup. 43. Pancake: Quicker than waffles, but just as delicious. 44. Crepe: Parlez-vous Français? Thin pancakes with lots of fresh fruit, whipped cream, chocolate, and more folded inside. 45. Oatmeal: Crockpots of gooey oatmeal and dishes of the best mix-ins like brown sugar, cinnamon, and fresh fruit. 46. Omelet: These classic breakfast stations exist at your favorite hotels and brunch spots, so why can’t you have one on your big day? 47. All of the above: There’s nothing better than a breakfast buffet, right? Dessert 48. Caramel Apple: Perfect for fall. Let them dip and decorate themselves! Candies, nuts, chocolate syrup, and lots of napkins should be provided. 49. Donut: “Glazed and delicious from the new Mr. & Mrs.” Pretty clever, huh? You can thank Pinterest for that one. Plate them pre-decorated or let them DIY. A donut tower serves as a great wedding cake, by the way. 50. Pie: Cherry, blueberry, apple, pecan, pumpkin…everyone loves pie! Serve this all-American dessert with a giant bowl of Cool Whip. 51. Cheesecake: Fruit, chocolate, peanut butter…there are so many sweet ways to dress up your cheesecake. Create bite-size cheesecakes, or serve up slices. 52. S’more: Use Sterno lamps as mini fires and supply guests with the usual s’ more materials. For set-up instructions, consult Pinterest. 53. Ice Cream: DIY sundaes, anyone? I know I’d scream for ice cream. 54. Milk & Cookie: Chocolate chip cookies are classic, but sugar means lots of fun decorating for your friends and family! 55. Candy: Fill a variety of clear vases, bowls, and jars with your favorite candies. Sweet-lovers can enjoy a handful at the reception or take a bag home as their favor. Shop: GiveItPretty56. Cake/Cupcake: People love options. Instead of making the impossible flavor decision, why not offer a few? Cupcakes make that easy, but you can do it with smaller cakes as well. My friend ordered hers from a local grocery store bakery and saved SO much money—but they still tasted incredible. 57. Chocolate Fountain: Pretty tasty and lookin’. 58. Fruit Pizza: A “healthy” alternative to your typical cookie station. All you need are soft sugar cookies, Cool Whip, and sliced fruit. 59. Churro: Cinnamon sugar, melted chocolate, hot caramel, and fruit sauces are just a few of the possible sides. 60. Milkshake: All you need is ice cream, candy, fruit, and a lot of blenders. Not to mention a few dozen cans of whipped cream. Plus, how cute will the photos be? 61. Root Beer Float: Root beer + ice cream = win. 62. Snow Cone: Talk about a summer classic! Help your guests cool off in a delectable way. 63. Oreo: Scatter them, stack them, build a tower of them…you won’t regret it. For the DIY 64. Fast Food: Save yourself some trouble and time—isn’t that what fast food is all about? One huge order of takeout from McDonald's, Taco Bell, or whatever joint you and your fiancé love will serve as the ideal late-night snack. 65. Food Truck: Lots of food trucks are catering for weddings nowadays. Have them cater the whole big day or stop by for a mid-reception pick-me-up! Did I miss a DIY wedding food station? Share it in a comment below!


Gut aufgelegt: 8 wundervolle DIY-Dekoideen für eure Grillparty!

Keine Party ohne die passende Deko. Wir zeigen euch, wie ihr in eurem Garten einfach und schnell eine tolle Atmosphäre zaubert.


Vous voulez faire votre gel hydroalcoolique maison ? On a sélectionné pour vous 10 recettes pour fabriquer son gel antibactérien maison et se désinfecter les mains facilement. Ne vous inquiétez pas, ces recettes DIY sont faciles et efficaces pour tuer un large spectre de bactéries et de virus y compris le coronavirus. Voici la fabrication du #gelhydroalcoolique


Geschenke aus der Küche: aromatischer Erdbeerzucker -

Für ca. 6 große Reagenzgläser 12 x 40ml Kunststoff Reagenzgläser


DIY Eierbecher aus Beton in Eierform einfach selber machen + Anleitung

DIY Eierbecher aus Beton einfach selber gießen? Mit dieser Bastelanleitung zaubert ihr im nu euren selbstgemachten Eierbecher in Eierform! + Anleitung!


Schöne Anhänger und Aufkleber für Hochzeitsmarmelade

Hübsche Anhänger und Aufkleber für Hochzeitsmarmelade gestaltet, die ihr im Handumdrehen herstellen und damit eure Marmelade passend zu jedem Hochzeitskonzept ruckzuck hochzeitsfein machen könnt.


Die besten Spieße

Mit Käse, Gemüse, Fleisch & Fisch


Naked Cake mit Lavendel und Heidelbeeren - Zungenzirkus

Ein wunderschöner Naked Cake mit außergewöhnlichem Geschmack! Lavendel und Heidelbeeren machen ihn zu einem echten Highlight!


Cater Your Own Wedding Buffet to Save a Fortune | The House That Never Slumbers

You Can Cater Your Own Wedding Buffet - Wedding catering can be incredibly expensive, but you don't have to spend a fortune to provide your guests with a spectacular meal if you cater your own


Wedding reception games, customized wedding game, wedding games for guests, printable bingo game, icebreaker for guests. wedding bingo

This wedding game is designed as an icebreaker for guests. The objective is to get up and find other guests that have things which are written square. Appropriate guest has to give a signature. Once the board is fully complete that guest wins! This game will bring a lot of fun ;) You can buy it once and print out thousands of times. You will be able to print this without a watermark at home or at a print shop of your choice. After you buy this product, you will get it as PDF and JPG file. This listing contains 1 sheet with 20 squares. SIZE:A4 PERSONALIZING (let me know if you need this changes before you make a purchase!): There is a possibility to change color or text in a square. A square text could be made a quite close to a description of your wedding guests. Also, there's a possibility to change all wordings IN YOUR LOCAL LANGUAGE. You have to send me a text material with translating and I will make changes. This will be as a custom order. If you want to let us print this Bingo out and send to your home address. Please, send us a message and we will agree about quantity, specify text, price and so on. This custom order I will send out in 2-3 working days to your home. IMPORTANT: All designs are for personal use only. You cannot sell or reproduce these designs. Have some fun! ;)


48 Wedding Pizza Food Bar To Get Inspired #Food #Pizza #Inspired


Easy Easter DIY: Thyme Bunny Ear Cake Topper | The Blondielocks | Life + Style

Easy Easter DIY: Thyme Bunny Ear Cake Topper - Desserts, Holiday


30 Wonderful Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers | Wedding Forward

Vintage style is now chosen by many couples. It's so beautiful to move through time. A special charm that vintage wedding cake toppers will give.



Aprikosenkonfitüre erwärmen, durch ein Sieb streichen und abkühlen lassen (ergibt 150 g). In einen Spritzbeutel mit kleiner Lochtülle füllen und in den Pralinenkapseln verteilen. 230 g weiße Kuvertüre grob hacken und in einer Rührschüssel im warmen Wasserbad zerlassen. Sahne aufkochen, mit der Kuvertüre mischen, mit Aprikosenbrand und Mandellikör würzen. Auf Zimmertemperatur abkühlen lassen. Mit Hilfe eines Pralinentrichters oder Spritzbeutels in die Pralinenschalen füllen. Über Nacht kalt stellen.


Eine Hochzeit in Frankfurt am Main weckt bei allen Großstadt-Liebhabern warme Gefühle! Aber auch für Nicht-New-York-Fans ist diese Hochzeit eine Inspiration...


Kräuteröl selber machen: So schnell kannst du Gewürzöl herstellen

Kräuteröl selber machen - so einfach kannst du aromatisches Öl zubereiten. Im Handumdrehen leckeres Gewürzöl selbst herstellen.


Tiermasken basteln für Fasching: Bär, Panda, Hase oder Affe? |

Schnell & easy: Tiermasken basteln für Fasching. Diese vier Varianten sind wirklich super einfach selbst gemacht. Viel Spaß!


15 originelle Ideen für den Sektempfang - Hochzeitskiste

Pimp my Sektempfang!! Wir haben ein paar originelle Ideen und Tipps zum Nachmachen für Eure Hochzeit gesammelt. Lasst Euch inspirieren!


Das beste Rezept für weiche und zähe Zuckerkekse

Das beste Rezept für weiche und zähe Zuckerkekse, #beste #Das #für #Rezept #und #Weiche #zähe #Zuckerkekse #rezepte #gesunderezepte