DIY Elf Hats

Make a super fun Elf Hat with ears with this free printable pattern. Christmas hat fun for kids and grown-ups!


Paper Cone Christmas Tree Kid Craft

This Paper Cone Christmas Tree Kid Craft added some dimension to our crafting and resulted in a lovely kid made Christmas decoration.


Christmas Suncatcher Craft Ideas

Making Christmas Suncatchers is a great Christmas craft for kids that will get them in the decorating spirit. This is a fun and easy craft that will help add to your Christmas decor.


17 Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids | Word To Your Mother Blog

17 Easy & Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids. Holiday crafts kids love! From keepsakes and ornaments to fun Christmas DIYs your kids will love


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Make this easy homemade Grinch card this Christmas. With a free printable card template all you need to add is some paint and a picture!


Make These Super-Simple Christmas Crafts With Your Kids This Season

They'll love the Grinch slime!


DIY Bird Feeder

This DIY Bird Feeder is the perfect easy craft to do with your kids.  Made with safe and easy to find ingredients, this homemade bird feeder is a project that I've loved to do with my kids since they were little and I know you will love to do with yours as well! #crafts #homemade #diy #christmas


DIY Crystal Snowflakes

So my daughter came home from her science 4H class with a cool little snowflake that she had made. Right away I knew I needed to make more for our Christmas tree. Note: This was originally posted back in 2012 - I thought it might be fun to do again with my younger kids and thought I'd share it again with you. I don't know the science behind it, but these little snowflakes are amazing. These are quite easy to make and if you're like me you'll already have the supplies on hand. That's my favorite kind of project! Want to make your own Crystal Snowflakes? Here's what you need: white pipe cleaners string wire cutters {or old scissors that you don't care about} pencil wide mouth pint mason jar water borax food coloring {optional} Start by cutting your pipe cleaner into thirds. Take two pieces and make an x. Then wrap one around the other. Repeat with the other piece to make a snowflake shape. Tie the string onto one of the ends. Place it in the mason jar to figure out where to tie the string to the pencil. You don't want the snowflake to touch the sides or the bottom of the jar or else it will become crystallized to the jar. I trimmed the ends a little bit so it would fit better. Once you have the snowflakes hanging in the center of the jar, remove them. Fill the jar with boiling water. Add food coloring, if desired. Add 6 T. borax to pint jars. {or 12 T. to quart jars} Stir until dissolved. I found it was easier to pour some borax into a bowl for the kids to measure out. Then place your snowflake back in the jar. Make sure that it's not touching the sides or bottom of the jar. Now comes the hard part. You have to wait overnight for the crystals to form. I pulled them out the next morning and put them on a paper towel to dry. You can see that the blue one is just lightly colored. We used probably 12 drops of food coloring. The kids thought this was really cool. I did too. I've made quite a few for the tree and am still going to make a few more. So what do you do when your jar has crystals all over the bottom? Here's the trick. Pour a little boiling water in it and grab a fork to scrape the bottom a little and they'll come right off. Sometimes it will come out with super hot tap water too. I had a hard time finding borax, but finally found it at Walmart. The two local grocery stores didn't have it. It's in the laundry soap aisle. I may try them with colored pipe cleaners. It might give it kind of a frosted look. I love projects like this. You can mess around with different things. If it doesn't work, oh well...since it doesn't cost much. I honestly cannot get over how pretty these are. I can just imagine the Christmas lights bouncing off those little crystals once I get the tree up. You may also like: DIY Wooden Triangle Christmas Trees


This cute snowman Christmas countdown craft was made by Theresa Villanueva Vredeveld’s kiddos! She said she cut out a white circles on paper then used scrapbooking brads to connect the paper carrot nose in the middle. Each day they get to move the nose around! Way too cute to hang on the fridge! Make sure to …


DIY Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder - Dollar Store Craft Idea

Looking to jazz up your holiday decor on a budget? Try this DIY Dollar Store Christmas Candle Holder that takes only minutes to make and is frugal and easy.


Make These Super-Simple Christmas Crafts With Your Kids This Season

They'll love the Grinch slime!


Jumping Elf Puppets

This Jumping Paper Cup Elf Puppet Craft is so much fun. Pull the string to watch the elves leap up and down! Such a cute interactive Christmas craft for kids.


Make These Super-Simple Christmas Crafts With Your Kids This Season

They'll love the Grinch slime!


The Best Nativity Crafts for Kids to Make - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

Here’s a collection of the sweetest nativity crafts for kids to make this Christmas! Kids often learn by doing, so I chose activities that give kids a hands-on way to explore the Christmas story. First up, here are some printable Advent Tree Devotions to do with kids. Study the story of Jesus from creation to …


Fingerprint Christmas Tree - Salt Dough Ornament Recipe

Make a fingerprint Christmas tree craft using our easy salt dough ornament recipe! This finger print salt dough craft is so fun and easy to make and the Christmas ornaments look fantastic hanging on the tree.


Easy Printable Reindeer Craft for Kids to Make - Simple Mom Project

Decorate the classroom or use this free printable reindeer craft as a diy Christmas ornament. He is perfect for kindergartners and preschool age kids!


Flying Reindeer Puppets

Paper Cup Flying Reindeer are so easy to make and lots of fun to play with. Pull the string to make Rudolf fly up and down!


Snowman Ornaments, Cute and Easy to Make

Make these cute snowman ornaments with a few supplies with your kids. It’s a fun project that will keep the kids busy and add a new ornament to your tree.


Melted Bead Ornaments

These melted bead ornaments are SO BEAUTIFUL and they're so simple! You can hang them on the Christmas tree, or turn them into sun catchers for the window.


50 Best DIY Wooden Christmas Decor Ideas / Inspo - Hike n Dip

Here are the best Wooden Christmas Decor Ideas. These Wooden Christmas Crafts, Christmas Trees & ornament are perfect for rustic & farmhouse Christmas decor


16 cute DIY Christmas craft ideas

Today we selected easy Christmas crafts for preschoolers and toddlers to make. Simply browse through our selection of quick DIY Christmas craft ideas and pick your favorite projects for this holida…


Pine Cone Christmas Tree Craft

This Pine Cone Christmas Tree is one of the easiest and cutest holiday craft you'll ever make. Kids will love making this cute Christmas Tree craft!


Fork Painted Christmas Tree – The Pinterested Parent

Spread the love♫ Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, this fork painted Christmas tree craft is looooovely!! ♫ We love playing around with different painting methods., especially ones where we get to paint without brushes. If…Continue Reading…


Make Christmas Tree Slime for the Holidays

Make Christmas Tree Slime for the Holidays


100 Easy Festive Christmas Crafts For Kids - This Tiny Blue House

Get into the holiday spirit with easy festive Christmas crafts for kids! Suitable for kids of all ages, these crafts are guaranteed to provide hours of fun!


Cardboard Reindeer Ornament Christmas Craft for Kids - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

Adorable Christmas craft for kids! Make cardboard reindeer ornaments to hang on the tree. Simple materials, and they look so cute.


Making Christmas Tree Cones In The Classroom - Primary Playground

We love making Christmas tree cones in the classroom! I prefer them over gingerbread houses since there’s less prep work involved. for your shopping convenience, there are amazon affiliate links provided in this blog post. Supplies needed for a class of 30 3 Pillsbury Funfetti Happy Birthday! Vibrant Green Vanilla Frosting – I find them in […]


Santa Searchers Christmas Craft - Love Your Littles

My son is almost three, so this holiday season is shaping up to be very magical. He understands who Santa is, and he is curious about all of the other aspects of Christmas. This craft was born to appease his fun, curious mind! We made Santa searchers for him to look around and notice all of the magic of the holiday season. As Christmas gets closer, your child can use their searchers to try to spot Santa or his elves. I actually printed a bunch of pictures of elves and hid them around the house. We used the Santa searchers to go on an elf hunt around our house! Your child can exercise their creativity to make their searchers festive and unique. This is the perfect craft for young kids, and most of the supplies are probably lying around your house. Supplies for Santa Searchers 2 empty toilet paper rolls (Never throw these things away, so many creative possibilities!!) Scissors Construction paper Glue Decorative items (pom-poms, sequins, craft gems, buttons, etc.) Embroidery Floss Directions Cut the construction paper to the length of the paper roll. Wrap the construction around the paper rolls and glue into place. I found that once the paper rolls were wrapped with construction paper, they needed to be hot glued together. It dries faster so you can start decorating immediately, and it is sturdier. For toddlers it is easiest to make glue dots for them, and then let them choose and place their decorative items on. Older children can be independent with this activity and embrace their creative side! When you are done decorating, punch a holes on each side and fasten embroidery floss to create a necklace. Let your child take in all the wonders of the season and try to catch a glimpse of Santa! Merry Christmas!


60+ Homemade Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Santa Claus is coming to town shortly, and your kids better get decorating! He’s very attracted to homes with festive homemade Christmas decorations, especially when they’re made by kids. If you need help brainstorming, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of 60+ Homemade Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids will inspire you and your family to try new types of crafts. Whether you want to make ornaments, some festive wall decor, or even a holiday snack, these projects will be just what you need. With these amazing projects at your fingertips, your kids will cover all of their bases. There’s no way Santa will skip over your house.

There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with Christmas crafts. While your kids create homemade Christmas decorations and gifts for others, light a fire, get cozy under your favorite blanket, and play some classic Christmas tunes. Making holiday crafts as a family is one tradition you'll definitely want to continue for years to come!

If you really want to get into the holiday spirit, then take a look at the following video for the Christmas Tree DIY Decoration!