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Looking for a project for Christmas? You are going to love this free reindeer amigurumi pattern. Since this crochet toy is easy and quick to make, it will make a fine Christmas project.


Amigurumi Tiny Bunny Crochet Free Pattern - Crochet & Knitting

Amigurumi Tiny Bunny Crochet Free Pattern - #Amigurumi; Bunny Free Crochet Patterns


La dulce perra Sonia es un peluche de Olga Filippova. Juguete de ganchillo gratis amigurumi totorial. Diseñado y fotos por Olga Filippova ( Traducido por Encuentra a Olga Filippova en Instagram: @ Cuando publique una foto de su trabajo en Internet, especifique la diseñadora: Olga Filippova. Materiales: Hilo: Himalaya Dolphin Baby o YarnArt …


Amigurumi Patrón: El hipopótamo Melman y su amigo Pi

Nuestros amigos Melman y Pi nos han acompañado en un día muy especial para nosotros, nuestro 2º aniversario!!! El 15 de Julio estuvimos festejando el 2º


Potted Succulent Amigurumi Free Crochet Patterns

You can get really surprised by what kind of things you could crochet. If you want to take a break from animal amigurumi, why not try something new



Crochet Flounder Fish Amigurumi Patterns

Crochet Flounder Fish Amigurumi Patterns


Die schönsten Amigurumi-Puppen Gratis Häkelanleitungen - Amigurumi-Anleitungen - A ... - Laur...


Amigurumi Schildkröte häkeln – Caros Fummeley –

Du möchtest eine Schildkröte häkeln und suchst nach einer passenden Anleitung? Ich habe eine für dich getestet und in diesem Beitrag verlinkt.


Phil Youngplatypus Amigurumi Pattern


Ganchillo peluche ovejas. Patrón de amigurumi gratis de Maria Kostyuchenko. Diseñado por Maria Kostyuchenko ( Fotos de Lyudmila Orlova Traducido por Materiales: Hilo: Algodón Vita Lira y Himalaya Dolphin Baby Gancho: 2.00 mm y 4.00 mm Abreviaturas R = fila mc = círculo mágico sc = punto bajo inc = 2 pb en el …



115 Best Amigurumi images | Crochet toys, Crochet patterns, Crochet projects

Teetasse mit Teebeutel #amigurumi #pattern


40 Best Cute Crocheted Amigurumi Patterns Ideas Pictures Page 33 girl bunny toy #amigurumi #crochet #knitting #amigurumipatterns #crochetafghanpatterns #babycrochetpatterns #crochetafghan #yarn #crochetscarf #crochetblanket


Bunny Pumpkin. crochet pattern Pumpkin, Häkelanleitung, deutsch, english, patron francais, espanol, häkeln, Hase, Amigurumi, Kuschelhase

Beschreibung ------------------------------------------------------- THIS PATTERN IS AVAILABLE IN GERMAN, ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SPAIN! DIESE ANLEITUNG IST IN DEUTSCH, ENGLISCH, FRANZÖSISCH UND SPANISCH VERFÜGBAR! LE PATRON EST DISPONIBLE EN FRANCAIS AUSSI! NUEVO: EL MANUAL TAMBIÉN ESTÁ DISPONIBLE EN ESPANOL!! ------------------------------------------------------- Dies ist eine Häkelanleitung, nicht das fertige Produkt! ------------------------------------------------------- Mit dieser Anleitung kannst du dein eigenes Häschen PUMPKIN herstellen. Level: leicht Kenntnisse: Basics im Häkeln, feste Masche, Luftmasche, Spiralrunden, geschlossene Runden. Du benötigst je eine Farbe für Kopf und Körper und eine zweite für die Hose (und evtl. eine dritte Farbe für den Pulli). Verwendet wurde ein dünnes Alpaca Garn, gehäkelt mit doppeltem Faden (Nadel 3mm) oder Baumwolle (Nadel 2,5mm). PUMPKIN wird mit den angegebenen Materialien ca. 22-23 cm groß. Ich freue mich auf deine Bilder von Pumpkin! Gerne kannst du mich auf Inastagram oder Facebook besuchen und mich verlinken! und ------------------------------------------------- This is the pattern of Pumpkin, the bunny. NOT THE FINISHED ITEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------------------- With this pattern you can crochet your own Pumpkin. LEVEL: easy KNOWLEDGES: crochet basics, single crochet, chain stitch, crochet in spiral rounds and closed rounds. You need a basic colour for the body and a second one (optional a third one) for the clothes. It is crocheted either with an alpaca yarn (double thread, hooksize 3mm) or with a cotton yarn (hooksize 2,5mm). PUMPKIN gets a size of approx. 22-23 cm. If you show pictures of PUMPKIN on social media please give credit to me! and Copyright (deutsch): Der Charakter „Bunny PUMPKIN“ und die dazugehörige Anleitung wurde von dem Label lulu loves the moon entworfen und ist ebenso Eigentum von lulu loves the moon. Die Anleitung ist nur für den privaten Gebrauch zu nutzen. Sowohl die gesamte Anleitung als auch Teile davon dürfen nicht reproduziert, veröffentlicht (weder in Printform noch digital), abgeändert, in andere Sprachen übersetzt, getauscht oder verkauft werden. Die nach dieser Anleitung gefertigten Häschen dürfen nur für den eigenen Gebrauch gefertigt werden und DÜRFEN NICHT WEITERVERKAUFT werden. Fotos von Bunny Pumpkin dürfen im Internet gezeigt werden, wenn als Designer klar und deutlich lulu loves the moon genannt wird („Anleitung von @lululovesthemoon und #lululovesthemoon). Copyright (english): The character „bunny PUMPKIN“ and its pattern are designed and written by the label lulu loves the moon. The pattern is for personal use only. The pattern and parts of it may not be published (printed or online), reproduced, shared, altered, translated in other languages or resold. Finished Pumpkins are only for your personal use and may not be resold. The design of Pumpkin is copyright and must not be reproduced for resale! If you share your photos of PUMPKIN please give credit to me and add following note to your item, its description and published photos: „design and pattern by lulu loves the moon“ and use #lululovesthemoon.


Patrón de ganchillo gratis Amigurumi de peluche de oveja Part 2


Amiguroom Toys

Click here for the free amigurumi bear pattern. Use this pattern to make your own cute white bear! The legs and arms can move, they are joined with buttons.


Amigurumi tedy bear and dog crochet plush free pattern – Free Amigurumi Patterns


Amigurumi Platypus Crochet Pattern

This month's new amigurumi pattern is a cute mini platypus!


Mini Amigurumi Pug Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet an adorable mini pug dog with this free amigurumi pattern and tutorial. Little pugs are so quick and easy to make, you'll soon have a whole grumble for yourself or your pug-loving friends and family


Amigurumi Spirit of Apple tree pattern. Crochet pattern. Spirits of Spring. Languages - English, French, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish

THIS item is PATTERN ONLY! You will receive .PDF digital file with simple crochet description and crochet steps photos. Pattern languages are English, French, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Spanish! You can sell items made from this pattern, provided that they are handmade by yourself and you give credit to the designer. Please add the following lines to your item description and any item you are selling: "Pattern from BlueRabbit - Copyright 2017 of Blue Rabbit. All rights reserved. You are not allowed to sell this pattern. You are not allowed to distribute or publish this pattern in any form. You are not allowed to alter this pattern in any way and sell it as your own! About pattern This pattern is made for those, who knows basics of crochet, knows what Magic Ring, Invisible Decrease and Increase is, and how to sew details together. If You don’t know it, watch Youtube videos first, or learn about crocheting, and try to crochet basic stitches and sew some crocheted details together! ENG pattern is written in American terms: MR - Magic Ring sl st – Slip Stitch sc - Single Crochet invdec - Invisible Decrease inc – Increase BLO – back loops only [...]x5 – repeat it 5 times. If you will use similar yarn and hook size as me, your spirit will be 10cm=3.9in high. THIS PATTERN IS DETAILED FOR BEIGE SPIRIT! SHORT INSTRUCTIONS HOW TO MAKE THE PURPLE ONE ARE AT THE END OF THE DOCUMENT!!! Materials You'll Need: 1. Beige, light pink, light green and brown yarn for beige Spirit. Lavender, light pink, light green, brown and beige yarn for purple Spirit. OR yarn of your choice (I used „Alize Cotton Gold” - 55% cotton 45% acrylic, 3.53oz-361yds, 2-FINE, and “YarnArt Jeans” yarn - 55% cotton 45% acrylic, 1.76oz-174yds 2-FINE) 2. Crochet hook (I used 1.5 mm hook, but it is smaller than size what is written on yarn label. They recommend 2-4 US (2.5-3.5mm) Use which is better for you) 3. Stuffing 4. Yarn Needle 5. Scissors 6. Pins 7. Safety eyes (I used 9mm black round safety eyes for beige Spirit and 10mm triangle noses as eyes for purple Spirit ) HAPPY CROCHET! :)


115 Best Amigurumi images | Crochet toys, Crochet patterns, Crochet projects

amigurumi - freie häkel- und strickanleitungen - free pattern


Amigurumi Bunny Free Pattern Amigurumi Free Patterns und Tutorials #Amigurumi .....

Amigurumi Bunny Free Pattern Amigurumi Free Patterns und Tutorials #Amigurumi .....


Crochet bear free pattern | Amiguroom Toys

Meet a sweet crochet plush bear! Follow this free and easy amigurumi pattern to create your own bear. The height of finished toy is about 25 cm (9.8″).


Dachshund dog free crochet amigurumi pattern – Moroshky – crochet and crafts


Häkelmuster Amigurumi Gefüllter Plüschbär


Pattern: Dragon - All About Ami

Crochet your own adorable amigurumi baby Dragon with our free crochet pattern! This dragon is a part of our Chinese New Year series and has little wings, horns, and a scaled belly!


Patrón de ganchillo gratis Amigurumi de peluche de oveja Part 2


Patrón de amigurumi de oso de ganchillo - Patrones de amigurumi gratis, patrones de ganchillo amigurumi


Free Pattern Friday: Bubble Seal Amigurumi Crochet

More pictures and a downloadable PDF of the pattern are available on Ravelry. Happy Friday! Have a seal (thank you Pokemon for making me doubt how a four letter word is spelled). A little guy that …